About PCA Air

PCA is specialised in the development of industrial installations to control air pollution. We ensure that contaminated air, e.g. caused by the production process, is released in the outside world according to the applicable discharge standards so that it can do very little harm to the environment.  

We design our installations for a variety of industries including the livestock industry, the chemical industry, water treatment plants,… Stronger measures are being taken worldwide in terms of the permitted air pollution and companies are being encouraged to meet the necessary standards. The solutions we provide guarantee that the current emission standards concerning air pollution are met and contributions are made to the improvement of the air quality. 

Thanks to the extensive experience of both the production and engineering departments, PCA can offer its customers custom-made solutions for every project. This means that our customers do not need to be satisfied with a standard solution. Instead, an installation will be provided that perfectly meets the project’s specific needs.