Gas scrubbers

gas scrubber pca

Gas scrubbers neutralize harmful components in industrial air or waste gas streams, for example to prevent fumes that have an irritating effect or cause odor nuisance.

A gas scrubber is a cleaning installation in which a gas stream comes into intensive contact with a liquid. Because of this contact between liquid and gas, certain gaseous components dissolve and remain in the water. Scrubbers are widely used as an emission-reducing technology.

U can also count on PCA for:

  • Internals/components (drop eliminators, demisters, packings...)

  • Automation

  • Maintenance/renovation

- Very high efficiency of disposal- Surface treatment
- Compact installation- Chemical industry
- Low investment costs- Waste water treatment
- Verifiable operating costs- Iron industry
- Environmentally beneficial- Electronics industry
- Reliable- Paper industry
- Easy to maintain- Glass industry
- Wide range of applications- Foundries
 - Slaughter houses
Gas Scrubbers are used for:- Storage/handling of chemicals
- Waste gas treatment- Waste incinerators
- Odor control and treatment- Pharmaceutical industry
- Washing of sulfuric acid, ammonia, sodium, ...- ...
- ... 


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gas scrubber

A gas scrubber is a cleaning installation whose main function is to neutralize harmful...