• Gas scrubbers

Gas scrubbers neutralize harmful components in industrial air or waste gas streams, for example to prevent fumes that have an irritating effect or cause odor nuisance.

  • Bio filters

Biofilters are used for the removal of volatile organic compounds, odor components and inorganic compounds. This technology uses micro-organisms to biodegrade polluted substances. 

  • Regenerative thermal oxidation, PCA Air

Regenerative thermal oxidation is the afterburning of an airflow loaded with solvents. Ceramic beds recover the heat produced during this process, thus reducing operational costs.

  • Activated carbon filters

Activated carbon is a form of carbon with a very large specific surface where many substances could get attached to. This makes activated carbon an ideal filter medium.

  • Air stripping, PCA air

Air strippers are used to clean waste water, digestate or polluted groundwater. Through intensive contact between air and water, the volatile compounds present in the waste or ground water are transferred to the air.

  • Spraying systems, PCA Air

Nebulisers are used to bring very fine droplets into the air. The role of these droplets is very dependent on the end application.

  • Mechanical Atmospheric Dispersion System

Mechanical Atmospheric Dispersion System is an alternative solution for the dispersion of odor pollution or waste gas streams