Treatment products

PCA has its own range of specific chemicals that can be dosed to the wash water of a gas scrubber. This way, it is possible to save on the consumption of scrubber water by reducing the purge (draining of salt rich water). These treatment products can help to avoid the formation of deposits (e.g. lime) in order to control microbial growth.

The dosing of these water treatment products needs to be done through suitable dosing pumps which are fully automatically controlled (based on measurements). PCA can offer you complete automated dosing equipment (including tanks, pumps, pipes…).

In addition to the treatment of scrubber water, the monitoring and follow-up is also important. This means that tests should be carried out on a regular basis to check the chemical consumption, the equipment… PCA can provide this service by conducting the necessary analyses and checks at your facility. Afterwards, all the obtained information is delivered to the customers by means of a detailed report.