PCA can conduct several measurements on site:

  • Engine output

  • Calibration of pH/rH prober

  • Aerodynamic measurements (pressure)

  • Flow of extraction

  • Vibration control of the fans

  • Alignment of the fans

For detailed chemical air analysis, field panel measurements… we rely on external accredited partners.



The solution of a certain problem is often not so obvious. It is therefore recommended to conduct an in-depth study to compare the different potential solutions with each other in function of investment cost, operational cost, required results...

Thanks to the extensive experience of PCA we are in the right position to correctly conduct such studies with objectivity and expertise. 


Follow-up & optimization

Many companies are subject to changes or changing regulations. For instance: 

  • Stricter emission standards

  • Modified composition of the gas to be treated

  • Changes in the gas flow rate

  • ...

In these cases it is desirable that as much as possible of the existing air treatment installation is reused. PCA can assist you in the optimization of the existing installation and in the execution of any extensions.