Our assets


Thanks to the extensive experience of both its production and engineering department PCA can offer tailored solutions to its customers for each project. You do not have to settle for a standard solution! Instead, you will always get an installation which perfectly matches the specific needs of your project.

Our efficient organisational structure enables us to respond quickly to certain queries or remarks from customers. 


Almost all the installations delivered by PCA are turnkey design projects. The customer has one single contact during the entire project. Besides, we have all the necessary know-how to develop entire projects in-house. Including in terms of construction, programming etc. We start up the installation and guarantee that it operates properly.

Internal development

Thanks to the broad experience of the engineering department and the technicians, all installations can be followed up internally from beginning to end. Therefore, we can also respond quickly to any questions from customers and display maximum flexibility when it comes to adjusting or amending the plans.

In-house automation department

With an autonomously operating automation department PCA holds an additional trump card. PCA Control (Process Control & Automation) also accepts other assignments, outside the field of air treatment. These experiences help us optimise our activities.

In-house after sales department

In order to assist our customers to the best of our ability after the installation of the air treatment installation, we have our in-house after sales service. This is how we ensure a continuously operational installation. You can count on our service both for periodic maintenance and for solving unforeseen defects and emergency stops.


Thanks to our extensive experience and huge know-how we are able to offer our customers the installation that perfectly meets their needs.


PCA aims for maximum safety for employees, customers and third parties. That is why the entire PCA staff has completed VCA (safety checklist for contractors) training. The VCA** certificate was granted to PCA in 2012. This certificate demonstrates that PCA is capable of executing works safely in increased risk surroundings.