Spraying systems

Spraying systems are used to bring very fine droplets into the air. The role of these droplets is very dependent on the end application. Some applications are the cooling of the ambient air (adiabatic cooling system) and the humidification or capture of aerosols and dust particles.

The nebuliser consists of one or more high pressure pumps, an electrical control box and specific nozzles mounted on stainless steel humidification lines.

To optimise the water consumption and efficiency of the adiabatic cooling, the spraying system can be automatically switched on and off based on a continuous measurement of the outside temperature and relative humidity.

Control box for spraying system, PCA Air


Various applications make use of such spraying systems. For instance, the adiabatic cooling at a cooling tower or chiller provides an additional cooling effect which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the installation. A nebuliser or atomiser can also be used to precipitate dust particles or aerosols. This way the environment remains dust-free and certain aerosols can be recovered in the production process. Finally, the spraying system is also a good technical and economic solution for humidifying an air stream before it is treated by, for example, a biofilter.


  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Applicable to existing installations
  • Automation for optimal efficiency
  • Easy to maintain
  • Large number of applications
Spraying systems, PCA Air
Spraying systems, PCA Air


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