Spraying system for chillers

Our end customer is a large European company with more than 2000 offices and laboratories all over the world. Their headquarters are located in Switzerland.

To lower the temperature in their offices, our customer uses chillers. These chillers are coolers that cool rooms by moving heat from one room to another. In this example, the heat moves from the warm offices to the cool outside air.

The problem

Chillers are large energy consumers within a building and have a significant impact on operational costs. At higher outside temperatures and thus lower temperature differences between inside and outside the building, the efficiency of the air-cooled chillers decreases. The higher energy consumption of the chillers can be reduced by means of a temperature drop at the inlet of the chillers.

Spraying system for chillers, PCA Air
Electric cabinet for spraying system, PCA Air

Our solution

The two chillers of our end customer were each equipped with a pressurized spraying system. Thanks to high quality nozzles, the softened water is sprayed in very fine droplets in the area in front of the air inlet of the coolers. The size of the droplets is dimensioned for optimal evaporation. During evaporation, the droplets extract heat from the ambient air. This creates a cooling effect. Because of this effect, the efficiency of the cooler is increased.

To optimise water consumption and adiabatic cooling efficiency, the various nozzles are automatically switched on and off based on a continuous measurement of the outside temperature and humidity.


  • Water flow: 4.5 l/min
  • Type of nozzles: high quality nozzles with anti-drip
  • Tubing/couplings: stainless steel 316
  • Water softener against nozzle clogging
  • Electric cabinet with PLC


Do you need help with adiabatic cooling? Or are you looking for another form of air treatment? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Spraying system for chillers, PCA Air