Pilot tests

Certain complex emissions, such as odor nuisance, are often difficult to treat with standard solutions. For these emissions, it is appropriate to perform a test phase with a pilot installation during a certain period of time. This allows to test and, if necessary, to adjust the predetermined solution in real operating conditions. The final result is an installation that handles your specific emission issues in an efficient manner.

pilot tests pca

PCA can assist the customer during the startup phase of the tests in order to connect the installation and to give a briefing on its operation. Our employees can also help with the follow-up of the installation and, if necessary, adjust certain parameters and settings. During this optimization, specialized companies can be contacted to perform gas analyzes that allow to determine the efficiency of the installation.

pilot tests

Our pilot installation is mounted on a skid which allows it to be easily moved with a forklift truck. The gas scrubber is able to handle gas streams of 500-1.500 m³/h. An electrical cabinet with touch panel and all instrumentation can be found at the front of the skid:

  • Rotameter and membrane valveto adjust the circulation flow rate
  • Pressure gauge for indication of the liquid pressure
  • Water meters for measurement of the water consumption and purge
  • Probes for measurement of pH, redox, conductivity of the scrubbing liquid
  • Sampling point for the scrubbing liquid

At the back of the skid, the gas scrubber and fan can be found. The gas scrubber is equipped with:

  • Pressure measurements to determine the pressure loss of the scrubber
  • Temperature measurement of the scrubbing liquid
  • Level measurement of the storage tank
  • Pitot tube in the air inlet to determine the air flow rate

The installation can be fully monitored as all measurement data is exported to a file that can be easily stored on a USB key.

For the treatment of complex odour problems, the choice for a test phase with a pilot gas scrubber is often the most appropriate approach to obtain a quick and definitive solution together with the customer. This experimental approach allows creating a customized installation without wasting money on semi-solutions, as the cost of hiring a pilot installation is negligible. If desired, PCA can make a proposal for expansion to a full scale installation after evaluation of the tests.


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