Pilot tests to reduce pigment emissions


A pilot test was set up for a pigment manufacturer, to reduce their pigment emissions. The pilot installation consisted of the following elements:

The scrubber and quench should function as a stopgap solution, when one of the previous sleeve filters does rupture. In that situation, the installation has to capture the pigments present in the airflow, during a few minutes.

Pilot tests to reduce pigment emissions, PCA Air

Once the airflow was cooled by the quench, the remaining pigments were collected/dissolved using the cyclean module. Such a module is based on microturbulences, which allows us to achieve high efficiencies in a relatively limited column height.

In view of the fineness of the present dust, different types of droplet separator and demister were also tested. The first tests were carried out with very basic droplet separators, after which the efficiency of these was increased by using other types. Subsequently, 2 demisters were also tested. In this way a balance was sought between pressure loss on the one hand and efficiency on the other hand.

Finally, the installation was exposed to pigments shots to test the general efficiency. Based on the findings of the pilot tests, a full scale installation has been developed.


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