Maintenance & repair

The efficiency of a gas scrubbing system can strongly decrease when e.g. the packing becomes clogged or the measurement probes for pH, redox, and conductivity… are not frequently calibrated. In such cases, the operating costs (energy consumption, chemical consumption…) can rise sharply. PCA is the right partner to carry out inspections and maintenance of your installation to ensure proper operation. Depending on the installation, our staff will carry out the following tasks during a visit:

  • Inspection and control of all the gas scrubber components
    • Storage tank
    • Packing
    • Distribution pipes and nozzles
    • Droplet seperator
    • Fan
    • Pumps
    • Instrumentation
    • ...
  • Internal cleaning of the gas scrubber
  • Replacement of defective parts
pca maintenance
pca repairs

Afterwards, a maintenance report is made which can be added to the logbook of the installation.

By setting up a maintenance contract with us, you won’t have to worry anymore about the proper functioning of your gas scrubbing system. Our employees periodically visit you for a (preventive) maintenance while they follow up the proper functioning of the installation. If necessary, the parameters of the installation are adjusted to ensure good performance. 

Safety is of major importance to us. We are VCA**-certified since 2012.



Maintenance gas scrubbers

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