Maintenance of gas scrubbers

Maintenance gas scrubbers

Our customer, an important player in the reconditioning of industrial packaging (IBC’s and drums), treats the suction (35000 m3/h) of the washing lines with  a gas scrubbing system consisting of 2 stages (acidic and alkalic washing). PCA was contacted to perform an inspection and preventive maintenance of the installation. All the essential components of the installation were inspected and tested by our technicians. In addition, the inside of the gas scrubbers was thoroughly cleaned with high pressure cleaners.

During the inspection, we found that the FRP (Fiberglass reinforced plastic) grating that supports the packing of one of the gas scrubbers showed traces of wear after which it was replaced. We also carried out extensive maintenance on the circulation pumps of the washing water to permanently ensure their proper operation. Finally, a maintenance report was delivered to the customer which could be added to the log book of the installation.