A Belgian Company that provides roof covering for flat roofs needed their gas scrubber to be replaced urgently. The company uses the scrubber to treat bituminous oil gases.

Two-stage air purification installation with spraying tower and gas scrubber for the purification of acids and paint pigments, PCA Air

From our customer, a manufacturer of paint pigments, we were asked whether we could purify the air coming from their production environment. Pigments are made by using different powders and light amounts of acids.

Vertical gas scrubber for treatment of acidic exhaust gases, PCA Air

We were contacted by a customer active in the medical sector, to offer them a tailor-made solution for a contaminated airflow. A new electrolytic polishing production line is being built at the customer’s site.

Vertical gas scrubber for treatment of butyric acid, PCA Air

A manufacturer of raw materials for cosmetics, food and biopolymers, wanted to erect a new plant, to increase their production. The client expected to receive odor complaints (e.g. from butyric acid), and thereby contacted us for a tailor-made solution.

Pilot tests to reduce pigment emissions, PCA Air

A pilot test was set up for a pigment manufacturer, to reduce their pigment emissions.

Vertical gas scrubber for treatment of polluted air, PCA Air

At a customer that is a market leader in the aluminum industry, PCA-water installed an installation used during the cleaning of moulds. In one of the cleaning steps, the vapors released in the process tanks must be extracted for cleaning. PCA-air was called upon to treat this polluted air.

Investigation procedure of biofilter, PCA Air

A customer of ours, who is active in the paint/coating industry, has a biofilter that doesn’t perform in an optimal way. In order to guarantee an optimal functioning of a biofilter, there are several parameters that must be taken into account, being pH, temperature, humidity.

Vertical gas scrubber for treatment of odor nuisance in medical sector, PCA air

Our client is active in the medical sector. They were looking for a solution for the odor nuisance caused by the activities in their company, more specifically the odor nuisance around their water treatment plant and sludge tanks.

Pilot tests to achieve emission limit for DMF

Due to the combination of scrubber and active carbon filter, the emission limit of DMF can be achieved with a minimum in water consumption and active carbon consumption.

RTO pharmaceutical industry

The RTO removes solvents such as acetone and ethanol.