Vertical gas scrubber for treatment of sulphuric acid droplets

The problem

Our client is active in the chemical sector. They were looking for a solution for the treatment of an air flow with sulphuric acid droplets. These droplets contain various metals that had to be removed.

Our solution

PCA chose a vertical, chemical gas scrubber as a solution.

Gas scrubbers neutralise harmful components in air or flue gas flows. Through intensive contact between an air flow and a liquid, certain gaseous components dissolve in the water. By then dosing the right chemicals into the washing water, the absorbed component is converted into, for example, a soluble salt. This increases the absorption in the washing water. A gas scrubber is therefore the perfect solution for our customer's problem.

In addition to the gas scrubber, a chimney was also provided with sampling points. On request of and in consultation with the customer, different plastic materials were used to meet specific requirements. The gas scrubber was also equipped with two spray zones to increase the efficiency of the scrubber. On the basis of various simulations, it was decided that only one zone should be provided with packing material. The pH, conductivity and flow rate of the washing water are all monitored in consultation with the customer. The fan responsible for the flow of air was supplied by our sister company Almeco.


  • Flow rate gas scrubber: 15.000 m³/h
  • Fan power: 30 kW
  • Fan material: stainless steel 316L
  • Spray zones: 2
  • Noise reduction: below 75 dBa at 1 m distance in the half space
  • Process monitoring by means of: pressure measurements, pH measurement, conductivity measurement and flow measurements
Vertical gas scrubber with chimney, PCA Air

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    Vertical gas scrubber, PCA Air
    Fan for gas scrubber, PCA Air