Vertical air stripper for removing methane from brine water

Our customer is an independent public company from Denmark. They develop transmission systems for electricity and natural gas.

One of their tasks was to develop a system to extract natural gas from an area that is part of the Natura 2000 project. This project is responsible for the protection of nature reserves. Natura 2000 sites must be managed in a sustainable way, both ecologically and economically. Activities in these areas must meet certain conditions.

Methane stripper, PCA air

The problem

During the extraction of natural gas, cavities are created where stagnant water accumulates. If the soil layer contains a high salinity, this water transforms into brine with a small amount of methane. This brine water must be treated before it can be discharged into the sea.

Our solution

After extensive consultation with our client, we developed a tailor-made methane stripper.

The air stripper is capable of degassing 95% of the methane gas from the salty water stream. Due to the high viscosity of the brine, fresh water was first added. This reduced the concentration of salt and simplified the stripping process.

Due to a lack of space, different options were developed with different packing materials and heights, both vertically and horizontally. Eventually, the vertical option was chosen.

To strip the air, three different centrifugal fans were provided by our sister company Almeco. One of these fans meets the ATEX Zone 2 requirements.


  • Height stripping tower: 10 m
  • Stripper efficiency: 95%
  • Stripping volume: 170 m³/h
  • Salinity: 30%.
  • Concentration CH₄: 5 mg/L
  • Volume salt water: 120 m³/h
  • Volume fresh water: 50 m³/h


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Methane stripper, PCA air
Methane stripper, PCA air