Pilot tests for the removal of fine dust from flue gases

Our customer, a well-known producer of ecological wood panels, owns a large furnace that burns residual wood to produce steam. The flue gases are treated by a venturi gas scrubber in order to reduce the emission of fine dust. The customer contacted PCA because the amount of fine dust in the outlet of their installation exceeded the emission limit standard. After consultation, the decision was made to conduct a test phase with a pilot installation. PCA assisted the customer during the initial stages of this test phase.

The pilot installation consisted of a stainless steel quench to cool down the hot flue gases by means of high pressure water spraying nozzles. The cooled gases were then treated in a gas scrubber that works according to the micro vortex principle. This type of gas scrubber sends the gas through a special cell that is sprayed with water. The special geometry of the cell causes the gas and water to be in very close contact. In this way, the fine dust particles are captured by the water and air is being purified.

During 3 months, various tests and analyzes were performed to optimize the operation of the installation. At the end of the test phase we concluded that the pilot installation could further reduce the amount of fine dust at a much lower energy and water consumption in comparison with the existing installation.


Do you also have to deal with flue gases and fine dust? Can you also use a gas scrubber? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have.

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