Meet our colleague Wannes!

Meet our colleague Wannes!

Corporate news

Wannes started his career at Almeco in 2020 as a technical engineer, but was able to advance to production manager in a relatively short time. For Wannes, the fact that you can bring in your own ideas and that there is a family atmosphere are the most important assets of our company.

"I ended up at Almeco through a virtual fair that took place during covid. Almeco then had a vacancy as a 'technical engineer' and that immediately appealed to me. It seemed like a varied job with a good balance between theory and practice."

From technical engineer to production manager

In 2020 Wannes started his career as a technical engineer, but a lot has changed in the meantime. "I am now production manager at Almeco in Moeskroen. As a production manager I'm responsible for the daily operations in our production, I think along with my colleagues who draw the designs and I supervise the technicians. I join the technicians on site if there are any major technical problems with customers. I also help out in our production when it's a busy period."

"Almeco isn't a big company, but we offer a lot of different products and services. For starters, we have 3 different business units: industrial fans, noise control and cooling towers. We also have a large range of products and services within these business units and we can easily adapt to our customers' needs."

Family feel

Eeveryone knows each other here and that's one of Almeco's biggest assets according to Wannes. "We're a small company so we all know each other and there is a family feel present. That's something you won't find as easily in a larger company. On top of that, you also get the chance to bring your ideas forward and to leave your own mark. They listen to what you say, you get a certain responibility and your can really make a difference. You also get the necessary opportunities and that's how I was able to move to a different position over quite a short period of time."

"Would I recommend people to come and work for Almeco? Definitely. You get the opportunity to bring your own ideas forward and to actually do something with them. The work you do is really useful and produces results. When I used to make technical drawings, I remember those designs were already in production one month later. That's another advantage of a smaller company and it really makes you feel good."


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