PCA tackles PFAS

PCA tackles PFAS

Water Treatment Solutions

PFAS is a term which is impossible to ignore these days. PFAS is a collective name for PFOS and many other chemical elements which are created in chemical industry and end up in our soil via, among other things, wastewater discharge. Those chemical elements are hardly or not degradable and are also dangerous to our health. It is therefore very important to remove PFAS from the water before it enters our soil. 

PCA offers an effective solution

PCA has developed and tested a system for PFAS removal. Using this system, PFAS can efficiently and thoroughly be removed from water. If a high concentration of PFAS is present (more than tens of mg/l), we first provide coarse removal. In a second stage, we will purify that treated stream to a few ng/l. This is done by a polishing step.
If the water is less heavily polluted, as is the case with ground water for example, we can immediately proceed to the second step and coarse removal is not required. 

Lab and pilot tests

PCA has conducted several lab and pilot tests and these have shown that we are able to purify water down to just a few ng/l PFAS. Our system proofs to be very effective and we want to continue working on this to contribute to a sustainable environment. 

Are you looking for a solution for this current problem? Then don't hesitate to contact us! PCA is at your service with custom made solutions and advice. We can confirm the results of the purification in advance, based on lab and pilot tests on your water.